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Why Choose Us?

We specialize in senior level product managers, software developers, and application architects.

AJA Recruiting is different from other agencies, because we focus on what we do best. We understand the importance of mapping employer requirements to candidate strengths.

Conversation Between Colleagues
Informative Interview
Standing Meeting

Servicing Private Industry & Public Sectors

Our professionals are selected based on past performance and will have the experience you require for you company or agency.  We take the time to understand your unique needs, as well as those of the candidates.

A Trusted Partner

We have deep domain understanding, so we understand the positions that hiring managers need to fill.  We also help candidates determine the right fit for their goals and where they are in their life's journey.

Customer Service

We focus on your needs.  We respond to your requests.  We partner with you.  We win together.  It really is that simple!

Why Choose Us: Why Choose Us
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